Montague Paratrooper Folding Mountain Bike Review

Montague Paratrooper

Montague Paratrooper (4)If you are in the search for a bike that can take you places fast but that can also provide an adrenaline filled, fun, mountain biking experience than the Montague Paratrooper is the vehicle for you. It scores high in all aspects as far as features go and it looks amazing. It started off as a military experiment so the technology invested in creating it is top of the line. It still is one of the most popular choices when it comes to military ground equipment. It is recommended for rough terrain and it does excellent when facing dirt roads, hiking paths and unpaved roads. It is also a great solution for commuters being one of the lightest mountain bikes out there.

Who Can Use This Folding Mountain Bike?
Montague Paratrooper (3)This folding mountain bike was first built for military purposes and it is capable of enduring some of the harshest conditions in the world. It had such a big success with military personal that it had to be marketed in stores. It is now a customer favorite because it combines the better of two worlds without compromising. It is an incredible mountain bike that amazingly can be folded and carried in the trunk of your car or on a train, bus or pane. It behaves better than most normal mountain bikes and it has all the necessary qualities to deal with the most difficult mountain roads. It is destined to those that have commuting needs but want to kick back and let the adrenaline fill their bodies during their free time. This is definitely destined for those with an active life style, ready to take on any challenge.It does not matter where you live or how far you decide to push this bike’s limits, it will never fail to amaze. It is great for muddy roads and gravel and it can jump over pot-holes and bumps without any problem.
This folding bike is very popular throughout the police force too. It is fast and it can fit in the back of a normal sized car trunk.


What Makes It Different?

When you are looking for a well-balanced bike, many opportunities present themselves but none look as good as the Montague folding bike. This has it all. It is affordable, it comes with enough gears, the design features are Montague Paratrooper (2)insane and durability is beyond anything you have ever seen before. It is complete from each and every angle. It is agile, fast, and practical. It can handle a lot of rough rides and it does so with an incredible price tag. Add to all of that the fact that it can be folded and unfolded in under 30 seconds and you get a great bike. It is much more maneuverable than others and if offers a very comfortable ride even when going down a rocky mountain.What Sets The Montague Paratrooper Apart From Others?This Paratrooper bike is in a league of its own. It has impressive features and most important of all it was built for the military. It cannot get any safer and more reliable. It is sturdy and it was built with military technology. It is durable and it can withstand intense shock. This means you will have it along your side for a really long time and that it is an investment worth making. It comes at an awesome price and it will last you for a lifetime. Being a Montague, this portable bike incorporates several pieces of patented technology such as the Folding Integrated Mechanism designed only for the best bikes in the world. The saddle is also created by Montague and offers excellent comfort during rough mountain rides.



How to Install?
Montague Paratrooper (5)The Montague bike comes already assembled. All you have to do is unfolded and ride it. Keep in mind the mechanism is fairly simple to handle considering it was built to help the military personnel move faster. You can get things done in under 30 seconds.

Features of Montague Paratrooper Folding Mountain Bike

    • Color: Matte Black
    • Frame: Custom drawn 7005 Series Aluminum with FIT System. Power Angle geometry. Replaceable derailleur hanger and disc mount.
    • Fork: SR Suntour XCM HLO with hydraulic lockout. 100 mm travel. Alloy one piece lower. Disc Compatible
    • Rims: Jalco. Alloy, 32 hole. Double Wall. CNC Sidewall.
    • Tires: Kenda K895 Kozmik Light. Knobby. Front and Rear Specific. 26 x 1.95”.
    • Hubset: Formula Disc. Black, Alloy. Sealed front & rear with CLIX™ front quick release.
    • Spokes: 14 Gauge Stainless.
    • Saddle: Cionlli Mountain with “Center Gap” Comfort Technology.
    • Seatpost: Kalloy, 30.0 X 300mm Alloy.
    • Handlebars: Kalloy. Alloy. 7 degree backsweep. 31.8 Barbore. 580mm length.
    • Stem: Kalloy, Alloy Direct Connect. 105mm with 7 degree rise.
    • Shifters: Shimano EZ-Fire Plus Trigger Shifters.
    • Front Derailleur: Shimano Acera. Top Swing Dual Pull.Rear Derailleur: Shimano SLX 9-Speed.
    • Crankset: SR Suntour XCT V2. 42/32/22. Alloy 170mm crank arm. Matte Black.
    • Speeds: 27 km/h
    • Brakeset: Promax. Front & rear mechanical disc w/ pad adjustment. Alloy Levers.
    • Pedals: Platform pedal with alloy cage.
    • Bottom Bracket: Sealed Cartridge Specifications
    • Speeds: 27
    • Wheel Size:26″
    • Folding Time: 20 sec.
    • Folded Size: 36″x28″x12″
    • Approximated Weight: 29lbs

There are no actual downsides to this foldable bike. If you are really looking to find something wrong you may say that a mountain bike should not have hinges or other folding mechanisms because they make it weak. It is hard to believe that the Pentagon would allow the U.S troopers to ride bikes that are likelymonatgue to fall apart so it is barely a downside the fact that this is a folding bike.Is It Easy to Use?Montague bike used patented technology to create this bike and it directed their attention to creating one of the fastest folding two wheeled man powered vehicles out there. It is more than easy to use. It has a minimalistic design and it can handled by anyone that has ever ridden a bike.

Is It a Good Buy?
Montague folding bike is definitely a bike worth investing in. It has received approval from the Pentagon in order to become the military’s official bike. This is an amazing buy considering it is both a mountain bike and a folding bike. It does not disappoint and it will last for a really long time. It is simple yet packed with top of the line parts. It is a standard setter as far as quality goes. It is fast, agile and durable while remaining practical. It is small in size and lightweight, requiring little storage space.

Check how portable this thing really is

Montague Paratrooper Folding Mnt bike is an adventurer’s bike. It is ready for action and it can be easily carried all around the place because it has amazing folding features. It comes with a great price tag and it can satisfy all the needs of a true mountain bike enthusiast.


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I am John Johnson from Manhattan, I was born in Toronto,Canada but I currently live in New York. I am 32 years old and I am married with one kid. My sons name is Michael and he is five years old. My hobbies are: - Bicycles - Skateboarding - Snowboarding I create this website to fulfill my passion and help my visitors with my thorough reviews.

Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike Review

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schwinn-140The Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike is usually considered the most popular starter exercise cycle in the world. It offers a slick design that relies on core muscles to equalize your body weight.
Mechanically, the bike is superb. The resistance changes are smooth and you can alter resistance anywhere in a program with a simple touch. You have 16 resistance levels in all.
One of the incredible features of this bike is how even and silence it is. Usually, entry-level fitness bikes are noisy and flimsy. However, Schwinn used a solid frame and quality materials to make this cycle to hold its own against more expensive models.
The display is well lit and simple to read. It adjusts to various positions but it appears the simplest to read when it lays flat (not to mention that it makes a great magazine stand in that pose as well).Schwinn 140!
A few words of caution; the Schwinn 140 upright fitness bike is intended to be ridden by the “average size person”. This means that if you’re over 6 feet tall, you might find your knees touching the handle bars when you ride.

If that applies to you, you might want to consider another model of fitness bike, such as the Fitnex B30 Upright Exercise Bike
Compared with some more expensive models, the seat on this cycle cannot be adjusted enough to emulate a actual bike and is intended to accommodate a “smaller than average” bottom.As a final point, the display is best read when looking straight at it. If you adjust your head to a different riding stance, you’ll have to shift the display also so you’re able to keep on reading it.

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In summary, the Schwinn 140 Upright Exercise Bike is built well,silent, has good electronics, and is superior value. If you are a ride occasional    or just starting out with  exercise cycle routine, the Schwinn 140 Upright exercise bike may be the ideal selection for you. It features the same quality design and some of the options available in more expensive products at an affordable cost. If you’re a more seasoned rider or use your fitness cycle for training (and your wallet will tolerate it), you may perhaps want to consider the Fitness Master X Series Momentum instead.

I am John Johnson from Manhattan, I was born in Toronto,Canada but I currently live in New York. I am 32 years old and I am married with one kid. My sons name is Michael and he is five years old. My hobbies are: - Bicycles - Skateboarding - Snowboarding I create this website to fulfill my passion and help my visitors with my thorough reviews.